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Click Here to Buy IPVANISH. We don't sell it on our website, this is for informational purposes only. Save 46% on a 1-year subscription, Discount automatically applied at checkout. Click above to see special offer. 

The short of it is this. If you want a VPN, click the link above to make your purchase, and then go Here to watch our video on how to install it afterwards. It's a very simple install. 


We have a more thorough write-up about what VPN works best with Kodi and Why. We're getting this information out to our customers, because we receive countless questions about VPN every day. I will do my best to write this without using too much technical jargon you see everywhere else online, and give you the information you need to know.

So Let me start by saying, that a VPN is recommended for privacy in general but not necessary on our Fire tv or Android tv boxes. We don't install any programs that use the P2P Network.


What is P2P?

Peer to Peer Network or P2P means that you essentially connect to another user to access or share downloaded information. Our units don't download anything, the programs and add-ons we install stream only. There is no downloading or Pseudo-downloading, which keeps our devices on the legal side. Torrents for example use P2P Networking, along with some other programs you will see on our competitor's websites, but never on ours. Some of these P2P programs work well but we don't install them because we don't want our customers getting letters from their isp providers (i.e Comcast, At&T) to stop misusing their internet service. ISP Providers monitor P2P networks, but not general streaming. Using the Techlifetv Kodi build, is the same as streaming something on Youtube, as far as ISP's are concerned. 

What is the best VPN option for Kodi?

We've done extensive research in determining which VPN works best for kodi. In our research and making this VPN determination, we considered pricing plans for VPN, VPN compatibility with Kodi, VPN Privacy policy, VPN Bandwidth speed and limitations, and many other factors as they relate to VPNs.

After our research, we concluded IPVANISH is the best option if you want a VPN on your Amazon fire tv Box, Amazon fire tv Stick, or Android tv box that is running Kodi. Makes no difference if the unit was purchased from us or not, IPVANISH is super easy VPN to use, and is designed specifically to work with Kodi. They also have an amazing technical support team that help you get setup your VPN with Kodi.

How do i download IPVANISH on my Kodi Device?

One of the main reasons for our recommendation of Ipvanish is because it is so easy to install and Use. You can simply search for Ipvanish on your Amazon store for jailbroken amazon fire tv units or Google play for Rooted Android tv boxes, and Download IPVANISH App. You will first need to create an account with them, for that click below. But it is literally that simple to add a VPN to your Amazon fire tv or Android octacore Tv Box. 

Click Here for More information and Details on Pricing. IPVANISH 

Click Here to buy a subscription IPVANISH. Then watch the video below thats walks you through how to setup Ipvanish on your amazon fire tv box, Rooted Android tv box, or Amazon fire tv stick.  

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  • What is the danger of NOT downloading a VPN on my Amazon fire tv stick and box?

    VPN is mainly for privacy of your online activity. It's not needed to use the unit. Explained in detailed here.