Video Guide

The videos here will supplement the written guide for our android and Amazon units. The video instructions below will explain how to accomplish various things when using our Jailbroken Amazon fire tv units, and Jailbroken Octa-core Android Tv boxes.  I will include videos that i find to be the most useful to my customers. Along with videos that include fixes for common issues our customers face


How to install Ipvanish VPN on Amazon fire tv Box, or Android tv box

    How to Fix the "Pair" error message that appears when you try to watch some videos.



    This video shows you how to:

    • Uninstall unwanted add-on such as adult addons
    • Install Add-ons you want
    • Uninstall and reinstall an add-on that is not working (force update)
    • Follow these directions to update Sportsdevil and/or Genesis


    A common error on Amazon fire tv is an error message by Amazon that state "Memory Full, Please delete some apps." To fix this issue First

    • Go to Settings-applications-manageallapplications-Kodi-delete cache (not data)
    • Then launch Kodi, go to the favorites tab, there are 2 options to delete cache (raw maintenance and Delete cache button). Click both.
    • NOTE- Do not delete thumbnails or purge packages, it may delete our background if you do.
    • On our older setup, raw maintenance button was not part of favorites tab, if you have that version, then follow the directions in the video to install and use raw maintenance to clear cache.
    • Some forums claim that popcorn time causes this issue- something to be aware of

    How to mirror an Android phone or tablet to the Amazon Fire TV Stick

    Detailed directions on getting USTVNOW PLUS to work, which provides access to basic local U.S. channels.

    USTV is already be installed on your device, so you can skip to 1:30 mark of the video. If for some reason you don't have USTV on your box, you can install it from add-on installer or total installer, if you bought the box from us with our setup.

    How to add parental controls to your device. It puts a password on certain add ons so your kids don't accidentally stumble on to it.