Frequently Asked Questions

Problems with Exodus? Blank search or (<-..) when you search for something?

Launch Kodi, go to Exodus, and search for any movie. If the search results come back empty, press the left button, and change setting from watched to ALL LISTS.

    PROBLEM WITH EXODUS? SPORTSDEVIL? SALTS? 1CHANNEL? Mobdro? -- Update Directions July 2017

    Generally For Addons, the best thing to do is wait, with an update most add ons that are having issues come back online and start working automatically. Once in a while, the problem is something else. Last week, Exodus, Sportsdevil, SALTS, and 1channel were moved to a new Repository. This is why many customers may have experienced some problems with those addons. The directions here are designed to address those addons. All of these Addons are under the same repository, so updating one will automatically force update the other 3.

    Launch Kodi, Click on "Programs" tab- Ares Wizard- Browse Addons- Video Addons- SportsDevil(2017-06-03). That date may change in the future, but clicking on this or Exodus would force an update for the repository that holds all 4 addons mentioned above and get them all working. You may have to exit kodi, reboot the unit and then test it. If it gives you an error, try again an hour later or the next day.


    As for Mobdro, generally when an update is available, it will ask you to update Mobdro at startup. If that doesn't happen, even after you reboot the unit by powering it off and on, and launch mobdro. Then you can force an update on mobdro as well. By going to Launch Kodi-Click Programs tab- Ares Wizard- Browse Addons- Android IPTV Apps- Click Mobdro.


    Note: We don't recommend clicking on any of links other than whats available in "browse add ons." Clicking on any build will erase our setup, maintenance, backup, tweaks are also not recommended. Experimenting with these other tabs will likely change or erase our setup. For maintenance advice look at our troubleshoot page and knowledge base.

    What do you recommend for live TV?

    Customer favorites are Mobdro and UKTVNOW (both are under the favorites tab). They consistently have been the most reliable for live tv. 

    • However personally i recommend using these units to watch shows that have already been released. Using this box like Netflix will work much better than using it like a cable box. Even though live tv is available, prerecorded shows don't have any commercials, the links are usually faster, and can buffer so the streams are smoother.
    • Any buffering problems- please see troubleshoot for advice.
    Where is the adult content?

    We don't have an adult tab on purpose so children don't accidentally click on it by accident. If you click on the ALL ADDONS tab, it will show all installed addons including Adult, which can be added to favorites for easy access. Our instructional guide has the list of adult add-on, as well as directions to remove adult content.

    How do these devices work? What do i need to use these devices?

    All of the content is streamed, so there is no downloading, therefore the devices don't slow down. They work similar to Netflix, everything inside Kodi is available on-demand, and the content is extensive, almost anything you can think of is available. Keep in mind however that the voice controls for amazon does not work inside kodi.

    All you need is high speed internet, 10mbps or more is recommended for download speed for best performance. You also need a TV that had an HDMI outlet, which almost all Tvs do today. The amazon fire tv box does not come with an hdmi cable, but our Android Octacore unit does, and the stick plugs directly into hdmi so cable is not required.


    From time to time you will see a message appear when you launch kodi. It will always make it seem as if you need to update Kodi, this is a common practice with Kodi when a new version of Kodi is released. We recommend not updating Kodi unless it's been a couple of years. And in that case, it is best to mail it in to us for a complete reprogramming to get the latest version of our build installed on your unit. If you follow the directions on the Kodi Message, you will likely end up erasing our setup, and it will need to be reprogrammed by us.

    It is always best to wait to have Kodi updated, because many addons will take up to a few weeks to update and wont be compatible with the newer version of Kodi right away.

    If your unit is running on a Kodi version older than 17, these update directions should not be used, because it will erase the setup. These update directions only apply to units running on some version of Kodi 17. During programming, our units are patched to protect it against any security flaws (such as those fixed by kodi version 17.3), so direction below are not necessary for protection but provided for people that want to update their unit anyway.

    • These directions are to update Any version of Kodi 17 to kodi 17.4 ONLY. Do not update past Kodi 17.4, Kodi 18 is not a stable release.
    • Go to Settings-Applications-ManageINSTALLEDApplication-Kodi-CLICK FORCE STOP
    • Then click back and in the Manage Installed Applications list, you will see "APP STARTER" Click Launch.
    • Then click on "UPDATES", go to update option for KODI, and click "check for update", if youre running 17 and want to update to a later version of 17, thats ok, but if you update to 18 for example, it will erase all content inside Kodi.
    • Click on button that says Update to latest version of Kodi, wait for kodi to update, Click Install, Then click Open
    What keyboard/mouse should I buy to use with the Amazon or Android Unit?

    We recommend this one sold on Amazon and is bluetooth capable. It's cheap, and has worked well for customers so far. The Android apps such as Showbox, Cloudtv etc require this keyboard/mouse to work. Mobdro needs it to when updating. Click Here.

    Is PPV, Live Sports, NFL Sunday ticket, Nba games, etc available?

    The way our devices are setup, you have access to essentially every live sporting event through the add-ons we have installed such as Sportsdevil, ProSports or Mobdro (favorites tab). Our instructional guide shows a list of add-ons we recommend for live sports. Some times you may need to search between a few links to find one that works best for you, but generally all sporting events are available. Quality of live content ranges from 720p to 1080p depending on the link you choose. There is some Hd links also, but most content is not HD. Another option is Sportsaccess, it requires a monthly subscription that costs $12 a month but has reliable HD Sports and PPV. Visit their website to sign up.

    What is the difference between I68 OctaCore Android unit, Amazon Fire TV Quad-Core Box, and Amazon fire TV stick?

    Simple answer. Hardware and performance. Our Octacore Android I68 unit has the best performance because it has the best hardware, next we have the Amazon fire tv Box, and last we have Amazon fire tv stick. All of our units have the same Kodi setup, but performance varies based on the hardware you choose. .

    • The Octa-core Android i68 box has an Octa-Core processor, and 3gb of ram
    • The Fire TV Box has a Quad-Core processor and 2gb of Ram
    • The Fire Tv Stick has Dual-Core Processor and 1gb of Ram
    Whats the difference between Amazon fire TV Box, and Octa-Core Android I68 Box?

    The main difference between the Octacore unit and Amazon box is that, the Octacore has better hardware and better performance, but the amazon box has better user interface. Kodi works the same on all our units, and is programmed the same way. So its a matter of preference for the customer, but if already have amazon prime, I would recommend taking full advantage of that and buying the amazon box.

    • Amazon fire tv Box- Quadcore processor with 2 gb of Ram
    • Android I68 Box- Octa-Core Processor with 3gb of ram.
    Are all of the units jailbroken?

    Jailbroken is really a term that apply to units that don't allow third party software. A jailbreak is software manipulation that allows for installation of third party apps. We use that term on our website because its a common search term when looking for units like ours. But, our units are not jailbroken. Amazon and Android software is open source which allows installation of third party applications, therefore we can program these units without any need for jailbreaking.

    Areas where the Amazon Fire TV box is BETTER

    If you have an amazon prime account, its nice to be able to use all of those features that you are already paying for (Amazon prime is not required to use Kodi.) The amazon interface is a little easier and more fun to use, so its better for someone that may be older.

    The Amazon fire tv remote has the voice function which is nice, and the remote is more responsive. On the android unit, there is maybe half a second lag when using the remote, but the remote has a built in mouse feature, which is cool because you don't need to buy a keyboard/mouse to use the android apps we install like Showbox. The android box also gives you access to the full Google Play app store, the amazon fire tv units have Aptoid, which is essentially a limited versions of google play store.

    The amazon box probably looks and feels more sophisticated, but the android box has better hardware and is faster. So its ultimately a matter of preference.

    Can I watch HBO, Showtime, AMC, etc channel on this box?

    The unit is programmed so all of the best live tv add-ons and android apps are installed, so yes all of these channels are generally available, BUT we don't have control over the content, so we can't make any guarantees that that a specific channel will always be available. For the most part, when live tv channels go down, they are replaced with a newer link a few days later. Live tv isn't as reliable as all of the other content on Kodi. We advise our customers to use Kodi like Netflix and search for the show you want to watch. Under our Tv on demand tab, with 1 click you can watch any movie and any tv show you can think of, without the headache of choosing between working links etc (1click feature is optional, to enable/ disable follow directions on our guide).

    What makes your setup different than other sellers?

    We upgrade all the domains to the most popular add-ons so they will work long into the future, and we also patch any add-on that needs it like Sportsdevil and Genesis in order to remove content blocks. We have dozens of features, premium add-ons, and apps that other sellers don't offer because installation is time consuming, such as live tv tab, tv on demand tab, live sports tab, kids zone tab, International Tv tab, and favorites tab with everything you need in one place. No other sellers offers as many features and upgrades as we do.

    • We also have Seven Years of experience with this software and provide excellent technical support if necessary via email for life of the item.
    • We also constantly update our instructional guide to address any problems customers have, and provide step by step instructions on fixes.
    How do i mail my unit in for reprogramming?

    We Provide reprogramming services for units that were purchased from us on our Buy Now page. We recommend having our units completely reprogramed from us once every 2 years or if you accidently erased our setup. Do Not click "delete Data." Its a button under the launch Kodi button, which erases all kodi programming.

    What comes with the purchase?
    • 1 fully customized Amazon box or stick
    • 1 power cable
    • 1 remote
    • 1 factory user manual
    • 1 year factory warranty from Amazon
    Technical Details of Amazon 4k Quadcore box
    • MediaTek 8173C, quad-core up to 2 Ghz
    • Qualcomm Adreno 320
    • 2 GB LPDDR2 @ 533 MHZ
    • 8 GB internal storage
    • Dual-band, dual-antenna Wi-Fi (MIMO). Supports 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi networks.
    • Bluetooth 4.0 with support for the following profiles: HID, HFP 1.6, SPP
    • Free cloud storage for all Amazon content
    • 720p, 1080p, and 4k capable
    • New built in Voice recognition system ALEXA


    This section is to provide our customers with basic directions that fixes a majority of common problems. The directions below fix 90% of issues most customers face with Kodi. This is a great place to start if you experience any problem with your unit.


    If a message appears in kodi to update Kodi because there is a malware threat, or a new version is available and better. IGNORE THE MESSAGE, DO NOT FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS TO UPDATE. It will erase our setup. If an update is necessary, we will provide directions here. Kodi constantly tries to have all users update to the latest version for one reason or another, but its not necessary majority of the time. And if it is, we will tell you here, and provide directions to update kodi, so our setup is not effected. If you accidentally erased our setup, unit will need to be mailed back for complete reprogramming.

    Double click HOME button won't launch Kodi (only applies to Amazon units)
    • Firestarter app that allows for the double click function is currently down. Amazon is blocking the Firestarter app, because Amazon wants to use the double click function for its own purposes.Please read and follow these directions to EASILY ACCESS KODI FROM AMAZON HOME SCREEN.
    • Amazon recently updated their software. Because of this new update, the double click of home button function to launch Kodi is down for the time being. The double-click function is a feature available through a program called Firestarter.
    • Meanwhile, in order to get to kodi:Go to Settings-Applications- Manageallapplications-Kodi- Launch Kodi
    • After you launch Kodi one time, you can easily access kodi because it will show up under the "APPS" and "Recent" categories, which are on Amazons main screen and show recently used Apps. This is what we currently recommend, while waiting for Firestarter update.
    Update Appstarter and reset the double click feature to launch Kodi
    • Note- this feature is currently not working. 
    • When an update to Firestarter is released, we will make it clear on this website, and the directions below will guide you update Firestarter, and easily setup the double click feature.
    • Go to Settings-applications-Manageinstalledapplications- scroll down to AppStarter and click launch application
    • if it doesn't ask, then there is a update option inside the app, use that option to update Fire starter.
    • Then Click on Settings-press the right button on the remote and scroll down to "Home button Double click Application"- Choose Kodi
    • Then press the home button to get out of the application
    • Double click of the home button should now launch Kodi. Restart the box if it doesn't work in the first couple tries.
    Genesis no longer working?

    Genesis has been taken down and has been replaced with Exodus by the developer. A brand new add ons thats working great. Directions to add Exodus, under our faqs page.

    Appstarter giving you an error? Update APPstarter (only applies to Amazon Fire TV box/stick)

    If you are getting any kind of error from firestarter, best thing to do is to update the firestarter app.

    • On the amazon screen side, Go to settings-applications-manageallapplication-APPstarter- Launch.
    • Then click the update option inside Firestarter and update fire starter app

    Note: if the unit was not purchased from us, it's unlikely the seller put in the time to install and configure Firestarter, this update instruction will likely not work for you.

    Update your Kodi Version

    Kodi updater is available through the APPstarter program, For update directions, se above.

    Note: Kodi makes minor updates all the time, so simply because an updated version is available, does not mean its necessary to update your unit. We recommend waiting at least 2 months before updating. Even then, its not actually necessary, because these units usually work well for a couple of years before they actually need an upgrade.

    Question Mark error page (BLANK PAGE WHEN YOU SEARCH inside an add-on?)
    • If you search for content and you nothing is showing up except for a question mark.
    • When you get to the question mark page, Press the left button on your remote.
    • Change the settings from "watched" to "All" videos
    Background wallpaper changed or looks different? (Applies to Amazon and Android)

    From time to time the AEON NOX wallpaper we have installed updates itself, when it does, you will need to change your skin back, its very simple to do, and rarely happens.

    • Go to Systems-Interface- Skins- Change it from Confluence to AEON NOX
    • If for some reason you do not see AEON Nox as an option, click get more and then choose AEON NOX
    • Even if you don't change the background to AEON NOX, the device should work the same, it will only have a different background.
    Kodi launches to a black screen or Freezes? (For Amazon devices)
      • If BLACK SCREEN then, press the home button to get to the amazon screen, then go to settings-applications-manageallapplications-kodi-Force stop- Then click Delete cache (not data). Then unplug the power, plug it back in. And launch kodi again, and let it sit there for a few minutes initially so all the updates can take place. Then start using the unit.
      • If Freezing issue then, go to settings- applications- manage all applications- Kodi- Force stop- then click launch Kodi and let it sit for a few minutes so it can update without interruption.

    NOTE: Anytime you launch Kodi, you want to wait a couple of minute to make sure all the add ons are update, and then start using the unit. Using it while its trying to update add ons often cause it to freeze.

    Kodi launches to a black screen or Freezes? (For Android Octacore Unit)
    • Do not unplug the power to the unit while kodi is running, in some cases it has erased Kodi's content. Go to the power tab to exit Kodi properly.
    • If the unit freezes for some reason. Press the home button to get to the main screen, Click on settings- Apps- (press the right button until you're in "all apps")- Scroll down to Kodi- Click Force stop, then Click delete cache (NOT DATA) and then relaunch kodi.

    NOTE: Anytime you launch Kodi, you want to wait a couple of minute to make sure all the add ons are update, and then start using the unit. Using it while its trying to update add ons often cause it to freeze.

    Error Message "Memory Full, Please delete some apps"

    Check out our video section. We have a video that explains how to fix that. Simple directions.

    • Go to Settings-applications-manageallapplications-Kodi-delete cache (not data)
    • Then launch Kodi, go to the favorites tab, there are 2 options to delete cache (raw maintenance and Delete cache button). Delete Cache from Both.
    • On our older setup, raw maintenance button was not part of favorites tab, if you have that version, then follow the directions in the video guide section to install and use raw maintenance to clear cache.

    NOTE: In raw maintenance there is an option to delete thumbnails-DO NOT choose that option, it deletes our Tron Background. If you delete it by accident, the background may no longer be there, but Kodi will function the same. Some forums claim that popcorn time causes this issue- something to be aware of


    Maintenance to help with Buffering and 90% of all problems

    Instructional Guide

    Purpose of is to create a one stop shop for our customers. One website that does everything relating to XBMC/ Kodi. It offers our customers Free tech-support for life, provides you a detailed instructional guide, gives you access to the most helpful XBMC/ Kodi instructional videos and has a faqs section that addresses the most common issues. We encourage you to add our website to your favorites list, and check up on us from time to time because we intent to continuously update our guides and sell only the best quality, fastest products at reasonable prices. With Seven Years of experience, we guarantee you will get the best value for your money and the most RELIABLE Kodi setup, for more details click the buy now tab.

    Even if you don't purchase from us, enjoy our resources free of charge. However keep in mind our guide is designed for our setup, so even though a lot of it is relevant to Kodi in general, many feature we mention will not be on your device if you did not purchase from us. Such as the live tv tab, power tab, live tv add ons, premium add ons, auto sleep mode, Video on demand tab, kids zone tab, live sports tab, Showbox, Mobdro, etc etc.

    Getting Started (Amazon units)
    • Plug in the power cable to your unit
    • Plug in the HDMI cable and connect it to the TV
    • Amazon fire tv sticks plug directly into the HDMI port of the tv
    • Connect to the internet via ethernet cable (box only) or wifi by following directions on the screen

    The main screen will ask you for your amazon account, if you don’t already have one, you will need to make one, it is free

    • If it asks for your credit card information, make the account on your computer (No credit card required) and then use the login on the device.
    • Our android units don't require a log in account

    Once you see the Amazon fire tv main screen, using the remote, Click Settings-applications-manage all installed applications- launch Kodi. After a few uses, Kodi will generally appear on the main Amazon screen under the recent tab. If it doesn't, you simply need to wait a few more days, it appears once amazon updates is software. Otherwise you need to go to manageallapplications to launch Kodi and access all the free content advertised.

    • For our android units, click the kodi icon on the main screen, after connecting to your internet.
    Getting Started (Andriod Octa-core box)
    • When the unit first turns on, you will see several programs on the main screen, Kodi and Mobdoro will be among these programs. You will see the settings option, which has a wifi option to connect your unit to your wifi.(You may also hardwire an ethernet cable, which is preferred for best performance). When connecting to the wifi, you will need to use the mouse function on the remote or Wireless keyboard provided to click CONNECT after entering the password.
    • Mouse function on remote- It's a very simple yet useful function on the remote. You simply click the mouse button on the top right of the remote. It activate the mouse, which you control by using the left-right-up-down circle button.
    • Once connected to the wifi, you can enter Kodi and everything inside our instructional guide applies from there.
    Background wallpaper changed or looks different?
    • Had a few customers mention that their background changed recently when the Aeon Nox background automatically updated itself. Changing it back is simple.
    • Go to Systems-Interface- Skins- Change it from Confluence to AEON NOX
    • If for some reason you do not see AEON Nox as an option, click get more and then choose AEON NOX
    • Even if you don't change the background to AEON NOX, the device should work the same, it will only have a different background.
    Reset or Fix the double click home button to launch Kodi Option (applies to Amazon units)


      Enabling and disabling Autoplay for Salts and Exodus (1 click system to launch movie or TV shows)

      Some customers like to choose between links, others like the convenience of autoplay. If you would like to enable or disable the autoplay setup, its very simple to do.

      • Click on tv on demand or go to exodus or Salts, then click tools, then Playback
      • Scroll down to AutoPlay, you can check or uncheck it, and click Ok.

      Maintenance to help with Buffering and 90% of all problems

      Live TV Tabs? (Detailed list of recommened live tv add-ons below)

      If you are currently experiencing issues with lvue tv guide, it's because lvue mainly uses iptv stalker which is no longer free. Therefore we recommend using live TV add ons instead (see below).

      • Currently we add the best live tv add ons under our live tv tab, but another amazing sources for live tv is Mobdro, Dextertv, Livetvnowplus, Cloudtv, and Other add ons we install under the live tv section. Android apps that we have already installed, Cloudtv and Allcast has features that require a keyboard/mouse to work, and Mobdro can't be updated without a mouse/keyboard. Link to an affordable but good working keyboard is available under our faqs section.
      • Our Octacore unit has a mouse built into the remote that can be turned on and off, therefore doesn't require a keyboard.

      NOTE: There are several other PVR clients that are disabled for good reason, please don't mess with them unless you know what you are doing. I will continue to provide updates on the live TV tab here in the future as well, so please bookmark this page.

      What "Add-ons" do you want to use?

      For movies and TV shows use "1channel" or "FreeProjectTV" or "Icefilms" or "Genesis". For sports use "Sportsdevil". Good cources inside Sportsdevil are shopstream, vipbox and

      • SportsAccess is also installed a great source for live sports in Hd Quality but it is not free, visit their website for details. Their prices are fairly affordabe

      Quality for live sports can vary so its always best to play with a few links and choose the one providing the best quality stream.

      NOTE: The picture below is a list of our personal recommendation. We update this list regularly so this is a good place to come and check if something better has come along. Our Ebay listing and buy now section is also a good place to determine what add ons are the best currently available.

      NOTE: These are our personal recommendations, list is in order of preference from top to bottom. There are hundreds more add-ons installed, the more you search and explore, the more likely you are to find something that suits your needs. But personally, I use Mobdro, 1channel and Genesis most of the time I'm using my Amazon fire TV. section7 image

      LIVE TV / Andriod App

      All of our devices now come with mobdro and Allcast, they are excellent sources of Live Tv. If yours doesn't have it, you can download it through the Aptoid android store, which is installed. However, these are android apps, side loaded seperately from Kodi, and may require a wireless mouse, or a keyboard/mouse combo when trying to use certain features. Under FAQS section we have a keyboard/mouse item that we recommend, it's inexpensive and available on amazon.

      Getting rid of "SEARCH ERROR: NO RESULT"

      Some customers are experiencing an issue where in the bottom right corner of the screen this search error pops up and doesn't go away, follow steps below to fix this issue.

      • Go to Systems-Addons- Enabled Addons- Services
      • Click on twitter and disable it.
      • That should fix it, then back out to main screen, and exit Kodi by clicking the power button in the bottom left corner

      Kodi is the new name for XBMC. So keep in mind that XBMC, and Kodi are the same thing. Do not click on “delete data button.” It is located under Kodi launch button on the main amazon screen. There is also a button for clearing cache next to it, you can click that from time to time but it will not clear the bulk of the cache that needs to be cleared. To properly clear cache, follow directions below. If you delete data and a problem arises, email me right away and i will try to walk you through a fix if possible. All of the “add-ons” have been set up to automatically update themselves when you turn on KODI so you never have to worry about updating the addons

      • You need high speed internet for these device to function properly because they stream all the content
      • You can go to to check your internet speed. 10mbps or more download speed is recommended
      • If you have a question not answered by this guide, click the "Faqs" section above, i will be addressing all commonly asked questions and issues in that section.
      • Place the item in an area with strong internet connection, open area such as living rooms have stronger connections than bedrooms.
      • The skin is designed to work with out setup, so its best you don't try to change it. I could mess with the functionality of the unit.
      Deleting Cache to make Amazon Fire TV run smoother (buffering problems)

      This only needs to be done once a week to avoid cache from building up. You can delete cache directly from our favorites tab now.

      • Our Favorites tab has 2 options to delete cache (raw maintenance and delete cache). Even though both of them do the same thing, its good to delete cache using both to ensure its all erased.
      • If you have an older version Click the program tab on Kodi's main screen, click on maintenance tool, then click on general Maintenance, and then choose “clear cache”

      NOTE: You want to use this method to delete cache, deleting cache from the Amazon main page will not erase a bulk of the cache from add-ons inside Kodi

      How to remove unwanted add-ons (including adult add-ons)

      Under instructional videos we have a video that also walks you through this. This would keep unwanted add-ons from updating when you turn on your Amazon fire TV and enter Kodi. I recommend add-ons you don't see yourself using to make the box/stick run even smoother. Also this secion is meant for parents that want to remove adult add-ons because they have kids.

      • Click on the Video Tab on the main kodi screen, click on Video Add-ons
      • Go to the add-on you no longer want, but don't click on it as you normally would, instead click on it with the Menu button (has 3 lines on it)
      • Click now on Add-on Information, and choose uninstall.
      • If you want the add-on back, follow directions below to add add-ons through add-on installer.

      Empflix, Erotik,, lubetube, tube8, Ultimate white cream, VideoDevil, and Youjizz

      Remote won't work?

      If for some reason the remote does not seem to work with the device, it simply needs to be programed to the box. VERY SIMPLE TO DO

      • You just hold down the home button for 1 minute, then wait 10 seconds, and hold it down for another minute. Try this a few times, sometimes it takes a couple tries before it works.
      • Make sure the batteries are in the remote, and the batteries are in the right way
      • If it doesn't work the first time, try again.

      Empflix, Erotik,, lubetube, tube8, Ultimate white cream, VideoDevil, and Youjizz

      Mirror Andriod Device - "Airplay" for Andriod phones/tablets

      Your device must be running Andriod software 4.2 jellybean or higher.

      • On your Fire TV Stick, select Settings > Display and Sounds > Enable Display Mirroring.
      • On your Miracast-certified device, connect to your Fire TV Stick/box.
      • Press any button on the remote to stop Display Mirroring.
      • For additional information about mirroring, click here

      NOTE: A video of this is available under the "video guide" section of this website.


      One free app available through the amazon app store is called PLEX, it comes highly recommended because it allows for mirroring with apple devices and android devices. It also has lots of other capabilities. Currently it is listed as free, but in the future it may not be.

      Mirroring Apple devices - Airplay for apple devices.

      Kodi has mirroring built into its software now so mirroring is easier than ever, and should pop up as "Kodi" on your apple device. However, If that doesn't work, you can follow these directions:

      • To mirror apple devices such as IPhones, Ipads, MacBook’s etc, you have to go into the amazon app store and download an app. You have several apps to choose from, some are free and some are not.
      • One free app that has gotten good response is called “airbuddy”.
      • The app with the best reviews is not free and is called “AirPlay/DLNA Receiver”
      • Again, Plex has gotten good reviews and is capable of mirroring to android and apple devices. Currently it is free, but this may be a limited time offer.
      Soft reset of your device (Recommended you run through troubleshoot page advice first)

      NOTE: You want to do this soft reset every 6 months or so, or if specific add ons or kodi functions are not working. Keep in mind however that add ons can go down for repair and update so many times you just have to wait and this won't fix the issue, but overall this fixes about 70 percent of issues that come up.

      • Go and click on the programs tab in Kodi
      • Click on program addons and then click on Configwizard
      • Then For amazon units click Amazon or FTV
      • For andriod units click android Click yes on the popup.
      • When the software is done running. Exit Kodi. Turn off the device and turn it back on.
      • Usually this fixes any problem you are experiencing with addons
      • If it doesn’t fix it, then the addon is down, and you should wait a few days, usually an update is released and the addon is working fine again.
      ZERO CACHE (buffering problem FIX)

      This seems to work very well to fix buffering issues. It moves the cache location from xbmc to the harddrive of your device. So this way the a lot more cache can be downloaded, but this will fill up your harddrive, so you still have to clear cache regularly (using directions above). You need to delete cache from the favorites tab once a week, otherwise it will fill up your hard drive. If you can't remember to regularly clear the cache, then don't enable the zero cache system.

      • In order to enable the zero cache system, launch Kodi, Click on the Programs tab- then Maintenance tool- Then System tweaks- then enable Zero Cache- Click yes on the popup.
      • Then back out, quit kodi. Unplug the power to your device and plug the power back in. When you go back into Kodi, the zero cache system will be enabled.
      Adding you city to the weather tab
      • Go to the weather tab, click on it, then click the left button that brings up the options
      • click settings, press right button and click on settings again
      • Then click locations, and enter your city
      Adding shows to favorite lists within any Add-on.
      • First you search for your favorite show within the add-on such as 1channel or genesis.
      • Once you have found the show. Using your remote, press the menu button until a screen appears.
      • This screen will give you several options, including the option "add to favorites."
      • Now you can go to the tv show or movie section of 1channel, and click on the favorites and it should appear.
      Adding more or Reinstall “Add-ons” to the Video tab (Option 1)

      There's a video that shows how this works, visit our video guides page

      • Once inside Kodi, click on the "Video" tab itself, then choose "video add ons".
      • Scroll to the bottom, and choose “add more” option
      • Now there is a long list of addons available with descriptions, click on any addon you may be interested in and click install.
      • It takes about a minute for the newly added “add-on” to appear under your main list of add-ons.
      Adding more or reinstall add-on using “Addon installer” (Option 2)

      There's a video that shows how this works, visit our video guides page

      • This is mainly what you will want to use to add more add-ons.
      • You can search by name or category. Downloading another addon is very simple with this setup.
      • Inside Kodi, Go to the programs tab, click on it, and then click Add-on installer.
      • Once you are in there, the addons are organized, and you can click and add whatever add-on you like.
      Adding add ons from "TOTAL INSTALLER" (A login Id required, Option 3)

      This is the easiest way to install any add-on you like including adult and international content add ons, but currently this option is not working.

      • When inside Kodi, go to the programs tab, click on the programs tab.
      • Click on Total Installer then click "search for Addons"
      • Then you can either do a "manual search" and Type in the name of any add-on you want
      • Or you can choose an add-on from the categories provided such as "by country"
      • When you find an add-on you want, there will be an install option, click on that.
      • There will be a popup, click ok. Then another pop asking if you want to install, click Yes.
      • Your add-on will now show up under the video section next to all of the other add ons i've installed.
      Adding International content add ons (Option 2 applied to international add-ons)

      There's a video that shows how this works, visit our video guides page

      • Click on the Kodi app, launch it
      • Go to the programs tab, click on it, and then Add-on installer.
      • Click on the world section and click on the repositories, which the language you want downloaded. You may also want to get a piece of paper, and make a note of the names of the repositories you clicked on.
      • Now back out to the main Kodi screen, click on SYSTEM tab, click on ADDONS
      • Click on Get add-ons, here you will see the repositories you downloaded.
      • One by one go into the ones that you wrote down on your piece of paper earlier.
      • Click on the name of the repository, then video add-ons, and then click on each add-ons you want and choose install
      If Addon installer is not under the programs tab.

      As a default, I installed the addon installer on every device I sell, but if for some reason it is not there, you can easily install it from fusion

      • Once inside XBMC, choose “SYSTEM” then choose “addons”
      • Then choose “install from zip file” and click on “fusion” and choose “start here” and click on “Plugin.program.addoninstaller”
      • Then back out and click on “programs”
      • Addon installer should now be there. It takes a few seconds to get installed.
      Adding Adult channels (video devil and other adult addons) to the Amazon Fire TV

      If option 2 method above doesn't work, try this method. Instructional video for this is available under the video guide section.

      • Click on the KODI app on the main screen
      • Once inside KODI, choose “SYSTEM” then choose “addons”
      • Then choose “install from zip file” and click on “fusion”, then click on “xbmc-repo”
      • Then click XXX Adult
      • Then click “”. It will automatically kick you out that screen.
      • Follow the steps above and click on “Repository. xbmcadult”
      • Follow the steps above again and click on “Repository.TheYidxxx”
      • This time you get kicked out of the screen, the screen which have several options including "get add-on".
      • Click on Get add-on, then Click on “XBMC-adult addons” then “video addons” and choose “video devil” and click install it. You can add the other addons in the list the same way.
      • Follow Steps in 11, click on, and then Video addons, and install the available addons.
      • Follow Step 11, Click on TheYid, and then video addons and install available addons.

      NOTE: if you click on a repository such as, and you don’t see “video addons” inside. Press Menu to go back to the main repository screen. Click on hold down the menu button, and click on “refresh”. Generally this fixes the issue. Sometimes the “adult addon” repository is down for repair, so follow these directions and check on it every few days to see if it is back up.