Become an Affiliate

What does it mean to be a Techlifetv affiliate?

Simply put, you are promoting our products on your Website, blog, social media, etc and in exchange you receive a generous percentage of the sale. 

How it works?

You simply have to sign up as our affiliate through a link we provide to you. This gives you access to reversion website, which is an easy to use interface for affiliates, where you can keep track of sales and commission you have generated. All we need from you is basic information like you name and Paypal email to receive payment.  

What's my responsibility after the sale?

Nothing. Your special affiliate link keeps track of your sales. We take care of the rest. The sale goes through our website, and it registers as a regular sale for us, so if they decide to return or need technical support, that's our responsibility. 



Any questions or to receive your signup link, feel free to contact us through the contact page on our website or