Allow us to do a Quick Comparison between us and our competitors.


Value for your purchase

Everything in Kodi is organized so our build is very User-Friendly. This is not your average setup. We encourage you to do your research before making the purchase. You won't be disappointed. All our units are always running on the latest stable version of Kodi, Buy with confidence that someone with years of experience has programmed your unit perfectly, Be confident that you are getting the BEST VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY.

We install the latest and best Add-ons, tweak Kodi so it performs at its best, install programs and features inside and outside kodi that provide legal access to extensive content. All add ons are setup to UPDATE AUTOMATICALLY and FOR FREE. Our competitors charge $25 upfront for this service.  

We have always believed that installing every Android Apk and Kodi Add-on ever invented on the units is a horrible way to program them. Which is why we are always on the lookout for the latest add-ons and Android Apks. We do our best to keep our programming lean yet fully inclusive of the best thats available. Apps no longer working are removed because it will only take up space and slow down the unit. Our competitors don't seem to feel the same way.  


 Technical Support.

We are not in this business for a quick buck, like many others.  We have and continue to provide every customer with FREE LIFE-TIME TECH SUPPORT on every unit we have ever sold.
None of our competitors offer Free Lifetime tech support, they either charge to respond, or charge an upfront fee and disguise it as a "cloud service", explained in more detail below.

Reviews on Ebay and other websites 

Aside from our website we have sold units through our ebay accounts, we provide a link to our ebay page so you can look through all the reviews and verify that we have have only sold Jailbroken Amazon Fire tv, Android Octacore, and Nvidia Shield products, and received only positive reviews.
Competitors that don't provide a link could have sold anything on ebay so their reviews cannot be relied on. Also, if the seller provides other websites for reviews such as Ebid, or Bonanza, their reviews are imported from ebay, so its duplicate reviews, only provided to their customers to lie about their legitimacy.

"Verified" Reviews by Customers on website

This is a huge problem in this industry. We are proud to provide our customers with products that have been reviewed by other customers, whether its good or bad reviews, they are authentic. If you don't see,   Verified Buyer next to the review, its most likely fake. This is a standard verification used by almost all review apps. 
Most of our competitors are new to the business, and to kick start their business, they will write the reviews themselves, Here are some things to look for, to determine if the review is FAKE. 
  • Multiple reviews within a few days of each other or on the same day, and then no reviews for weeks or months. Dead give away that the website owner spend a few days writing reviews.
  • Missing this symbol ( Verified Buyer). Instead the website owner may change the title from "Reviews" to "Verified Customer Reviews." Very dishonest practice, but also very common, unfortunately. 

"Cloud Service" Vs. Auto Update

After testing 3 of our closest competitors products, we've made some updates to your build, but this research has also confirmed for us that we have the best build on the market, because we actually create our own build that is kept up to date, instead of relying on random builds found online that can stop working any time.
Our competitors try to sell ($25 PER YEAR SUBSCRIPTION) "CLOUD SERVICE" and claim it will keep the unit updated.
  • But It makes you go into their system and follow 30 minute videos to Update Kodi.
  • After buying and testing their unit personally, it's not clear what you are actually paying for if Kodi Add-ons can be setup to update automatically (which ours do), and Android Apks can be installed from App Stores like Aptoid and Apk Time (which we install).
  • We don't believe in charging our customers twice for a service that should have provided in the first place. 
Sellers that try to sell a separate "Cloud Service", and claim that it will keep everything updated forever. That is simply a lie. Their "Cloud service" does not update any of the APKs (aka Android Apps). They simply provide directions to reinstall Kodi builds that are made by other people, so It's not clear what service they are actually providing. We recommend you contact the seller to ask how their cloud service is different from you downloading the new apps from an app market like Aptoid, or APK Time; or you downloading a kodi build from youtube. 

Why more than 1 kodi build on a unit is a bad idea

It may sound good in theory to be able to change between builds, but that makes kodi a very bulky app that grows tremendously in size. There is no getting around this. If the file size for kodi is huge because of multiple builds, it will be very slow to navigate, and it will begin to freeze and crash on you because of its stress on the hardware (Most Amazon units only have 8gb of storage, and more than half is already taken up by Amazon's own software). The same thing happens when you open a big app on your computer or phone, it takes a while, and it works slowly. All the tweaks inside kodi wont fix that. 

We have had to Program hundreds of units that come with 2 or 3 inferior builds found online, instead of 1 decent build created and installed by a Professional programmer. There is never a reason for more than 1 build if the programmer spent time perfecting the build. You want a lean build with working apps and addons, and an easy to use interface; not 3 inferior builds where each one is more complicated to use than the first. Our goal is to make our setup so easy and simple to use, that our instructional guide is used for reference only, and there is no real need for it.

Taking our time on the Install

We never have, and never will install kodi builds found online for free. There is no reason for customers to pay for something they can get for free by following a youtube video. We don't make a profit from other peoples work, and claim that it's ours. Also when you install other peoples builds, you have no control over updating it or fixing anything. You also don't know if the  build is installed with repositories or just the add-ons themselves. Many times its only the add-ons, so when updates are released, the add-on slowly starts to die because it can't update. All of our units go through a detailed thorough install individually, and are tested before they are mailed. This is why were don't sell a lot of units, but the units we sell are the best quality.
When you read our competitors websites and they claim it takes them hours to program each unit, but if you erase everything, their cloud can be used to install everything back within a few minutes. Ask yourself if that makes any sense.