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Android Octacore Tv Box H96 Pro Plus Jailbroken with Kodi and Other top streaming Apps for Sale

Our H96 Pro Plus Octa core Android Tv Box has the fastest hardware available on the market. This thing is a POWERHOUSE!.  It is twice as fast as the Amazon fire tv box. It is cheaper than the Amazon fire tv box, because with Amazon Fire Tv Box, you are paying for the Amazon Brand, but with this unit, you're paying for superior hardware.

Our Octacore Android Tv box does not require you to make a log in account like the Amazon units, its ready to go right out the box. With 4x the storage space as Amazon Fire tv Boxes, you don't have to clear cache as often. For best performance, we recommend connecting the Octacore unit to your modem or router via an ethernet cable. But that is not a requirement, it will work fine over wifi as well. 

We researched and tested over a dozen other Android boxes, including the MX Series (MXQ, MX3, MXS), Matricom (G-Box, G-BOX Q2), NVIDIA Shield, Minix Neo, Sky Stream, and others. We found this unit to be far superior based on the high performance of its hardware. If you own an android tv box of your own, we can install our Customized Kodi setup on your preowned unit for a fee. For that service, please click here.  

Android Octacore Tv Box Specs and highlights

  • Wireless keyboard sold separately. Not necessary to use the box but highly recommended to enhance user experience.
  • Our Android octacore unit's internal components are upgraded by our manufacturer at our request. If you see similar units sold online, feel free to match their specs to ours to see the difference. Our Android Octacore tv box will always have the highest quality internal hardware, more ram, more storage space, and updated Version of Android software; even if the shell looks the same. 
  • Our Octacore Android box is the fastest Android Box available on the market.
  • Octa core 64-bit ARM cortex processor- Amlogic S912
  • 3gb of ram
  • 32gb storage Memory
  • Android 7.1 Nougat OS
  • Automatic updates for Kodi Add-ons 
  • Mouse built into remote that can be turned on and off easily.
  • Hdmi 2.0, Bluetooth 4.0, H.265 Decoding, 
  • Supports 2.4GHz/5Ghz Dual Wifi, 1000M Gigabit LAN
  • Whats included in the box
    • Octacore unit
    • Remote with built in mouse control
    • Power cable
    • Hdmi cable 
  • NOTE: Our Android firmware is rooted so the android firmware will not update automatically. This is a very common problem, where everything on the box including Kodi is erased when the Android firmware automatically updates. Many times it happens several months after the purchase so the customer is stuck with a useless Android box. If you don't purchase from us, be sure to ask the seller if this problem has been addressed on their box. 



  • When the unit first turns on, you will see several programs on the main screen for easy access like Kodi and others.
  • First thing you need to do is connect to your Internet. Go to the settings option, which has a wifi option to connect your unit to your wifi. (You may also hardwire an ethernet cable, which is preferred for best performance).
  • Find your wifi name, type in your password using your remote and click connect.
  • Then use the programs on the home screen like Youtube, web browser, Google Play store or Kodi to start experimenting with the unit's capabilities.
  • NOTE: Mouse function on remote- eventually it will be necessary to use. It's a very simple yet useful function on the remote. You simply click the mouse button on the remote which activates the mouse option so you can click anywhere on the screen. Pressing the mouse option again will turn the mouse remote off, and return it to a regular remote.

All of our Jailbroken amazon fire tv and Rooted Android tv boxes ship the next morning. 

They ship USPS priority Mail 2-3 day shipping.

When we print a shipping label, a usps tracking number is automatically emailed to you. 

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Questions & Answers

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  • Can I get the Los Angeles laker games live even though I live in SoCal? Looking at Android box

    Yes you should be able to watch live sports through the sports addons installed, and through live tv addons like mobdro and Uktvnow, both are under our favorites tab. 

  • Do you have to have a 4K TV? I have a 1080i television at the moment. Plant to upgrade to a 4K later, just curious if this will work with my current television.

    You do not need a 4k tv to use our Amazon fire tv units or Our Octacore Andriod tv boxes. Your tv only needs to have an hdmi input

  • Can I use with any tv or have to have a 4K tv?

    Our Android tv Octacore box and Amazon fire tv units work with any tv that has an HDMI input, which is 99% percent of tvs today.

  • Are updates automatic?

    All addons inside kodi update automatically. Kodi itself can be updated following our directions on our website. 

  • Why are the reviews talking about the keyboard that "comes with" box? Mine didn't come with it.

    We used to include the keyboard with the unit, and charge a higher price. Some customers did not want the keyboard or already owned one, so we decided to give customers the choice to buy the wireless keyboard and dropped the price.

  • Does it come with net flix hulu ect...

    Yes, and you the google play store is installed so you can download anything from there as well. 

  • Can live sports be saved to watch later? Thanks

    All of the content is streamed, so you can stream the event at a later time through a sports add-ons or program, but you can't download or save the event to watch it later. There's no Dvr setup. 

  • Does it come with any remote at all? If not, does it need one? Do I need to purchase one separately?

    No, it comes with a remote, but we recommend buying a wireless keyboard with it because the keyboard is easier to use and more user friendly. 

  • I do not know a lot about any of these media boxes. All I want is to buy the best box I can. Right now I am using a HDMI cord plugged into my TV to watch sports out of my area and stream movies from the internet. Please suggest the very newest updated and best even if its a little more money. Thank you

    I understand your desire to want the very best unit on the market. And after a few months of research we put this unit together to accomplish just that. It has hardware and software updates that other andriod tv boxes on the market do not. And it has the fastest octacore processor and 3 gb of ram to make sure it runs smoothly without any hickups. We compare it against all our other products In a detailed article, Click Here or copy/ paste link below to check it out.

  • Does it have a usb port as well as ethernet port coz i need to connect this to my Home theatre system as well. Alos email me a picture of the remaote and the back of the box.

    It has 2 usb ports, an ethernet port, and a digital audio output for home theatre setup.  Pictures of the remote and all details are on our product page for Andriod Octacore H96. 

  • do you have to do setup a VPN like with the firestick?

    you dont have to setup a VPN with any of our units, its a personal choice to install VPN to protect your privacy. We explain it here. 

  • What is the recommended MBPS?

    We recommend at least a speed of 10mbps or more. If you are able to hardwire our Jailbroken Andriod Octacore box, or the Jailbroken Amazon fire tv box to your modem or router via ethernet cable it would get you the best performance.

  • Can I add my own purchased Kodi addons. I guess the real question is does Kodi function normally?

    Kodi Works great, we test each unit before mailing it, and you can add any addon you like

  • Does The Tv Box come with a cable that will connect to router ?

    No, It does not come with an ethernet cable