Jailbroken Amazon fire tv Cube vs. Amazon fire tv Box vs. 2018 Amazon fire tv Stick. Detailed Jailbroken Amazon fire tv Comparisons. Which one should you buy?

Amazon fire tv Compare -

Jailbroken Amazon fire tv Cube vs. Amazon fire tv Box vs. 2018 Amazon fire tv Stick. Detailed Jailbroken Amazon fire tv Comparisons. Which one should you buy?

Jailbroken Amazon fire tv Cube vs. Jailbroken Amazon fire tv Box vs. 2018 Jailbroken Amazon fire tv Stick Comparison

One of the most common questions we're being asked now is, What Amazon fire tv device is better? Why its better? Which Amazon unit do you recommend? Which Amazon unit is the best value?

We will do our best to compare the Amazon fire tv box to the Amazon fire tv Stick to the Latest version of Amazon fire tv here. We are adding Our Octacore Android tv box for completeness.


Amazon fire tv comparison chart

The most important thing to look at when comparing Amazon fire tv units is their hardware, because All amazon units will be running on the same Amazon fire Operating system, and they all come with a Voice Remote with access to Alexa (Amazon's version of Siri). All of our units are programmed the same way with Kodi, video addons, programs and Android Apks. So lets look at the hardware.

Terrarium tv, Mobdro, Kodi 17, Jailbroken android tv box Jailbroken Amazon fire tv stick specs Jailbroken Amazon fire tv Cube Jailbroken amazon fire tv Box Specs
TechLife.TV Product SPECs Amazon Fire Tv Stick (2017) Amazon Fire Tv (2017) Amazon fire tv Cube (2018) Amazon Fire Tv Box Octacore Android Tv Box 
Processor (speed) 1.3 Ghz Standard quadcore 1.5 Ghz High Performance Quadcore 1.5 GHz High performance Quadcore   2.0 Ghz High performance Quadcore 2.0 Ghz High Performance Octacore
RAM 1 GB 2 GB 2 GB 2 GB 3 GB
Storage Space 8 GB 8 GB 16 GB 8 GB 32gb
Ports HDMI, Mini Usb- power only HDMI, Mini   Usb- power   only HDMI, Mini Usb, Infrared Port, Power port HDMI, USB, MicroSD Slot, Ethernet HDMI, Ethernet, Usb(2), Av, Optical Audio
Alexa Voice control Yes Yes Yes + hands free voice control Yes No
Max Resolution up to 1080p up to 4k up to 4k up to 4k up to 4k
HDR Support No Yes Yes Yes Yes
 Ethernet Buy Adapter Buy Adapter Adapter Included Yes Yes
Bluetooth 4.1 4.2 + LE 4.2 + LE 4.1 + LE 4.1
Operating sys. Fire tv OS Fire tv OS Fire Tv OS Fire tv OS Android 7.1


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So what Amazon fire tv unit is the best?

It really depends on how much, how often and what purpose you plan to use the device for. But ultimately, this is one of the situations where you get what you pay for.

 Amazon fire tv Stick jailbroken Kodi Mobdro


Jailbroken Amazon fire tv stick is more than enough to handle your daily streaming needs, so long as you have it located in an area where wifi reception is strong, and the primary purpose of the stick is not to stream live tv or live sports. Live content will work but when you stream something live, it's a continuous stream so there isn't any lag time for the video to buffer. So if live tv or live sports is a main reason for purchasing this unit, it is highly recommended to spends a little extra and invest in a unit with better hardware. Otherwise for movies, tv shows etc, it's a perfectly good working unit.

New Amazon fire tv jailbroken 2017

2017 Jailbroken Amazon fire tv is the new kid on the block, it has not gone through heavy testing just yet, but based on our initial tests and information currently available, it has a faster processor than the Amazon fire stick, with better hardware over all. It's definitely an improvement from the fire stick. It is 4k capable and had HDR support for better resolution video experience. One drawback of this new Amazon fire device is that it does not have a MicroSd card slot, or an ethernet port, which are available on the Fire tv box and Android tv box. 

Jailbroken Amazon fire tv cube, Amazon Cube, Jailbroken Fire tv cube with Kodi, terrarium tv,

NEW 2018 Amazon Fire tv Cube is the latest addition from Amazon to their Fire tv Line. The Amazon Fire tv Cube is definitely a big step forward for Amazon as far as capabilities go, but personally I feel they could have gone farther. Amazon essentially combined a universal remote, Amazon Echo, and the Third Gen Amazon fire tv Pendant box together, and turned it into the Amazon Cube. 

Pros- Storage is finally increased to 16gb and but Ram is still 2gb. It has an infrared Remote capability build it, so it can be programmed to control your tv, Dvd Player, and cable/dish boxes. It comes with the Ethernet adapter so you don't have to buy it separately.  It has a micro usb port which can be used to expand memory with an OTG adapter, unlike on the Amazon fire tv stick, and Amazon fire tv pendant box, where the micro usb port was used for power. The port for power is Separate. And for audio it supports Dolby Atmos, 7.1 surround sound, Dolby digital, 2ch stereo, and HDMI audio pass through up to 5.1. It also supports bluetooth 4.2

Cons- A built in Ethernet port is always going to give you better performance than using the ethernet adapter so the Amazon second gen box and our Octacore android tv box will have better performance. Also Amazon had the opportunity to upgrade the Processor but choose to stick with the same 1.5ghz processor that is in the Amazon pendant box (missed opportunity but probably kept the price point of the unit low). Our octacore unit has 3gb of Ram, and future apps will only be more demanding, Amazon cube could have upgraded to 3gb of Ram but didn't. Again, it was likely to keep the price low. 

Verdict- It is gong to be an awesome unit because of the voice remote capabilities that will function like an echo, the universal remote is also cool. It is expected to control majority of functions by voice alone, but of course this does not include third party apps like Kodi for example. The remote will be needed to use any third party app or APks. Ultimately you are sacrificing cool features for performance. The second gen amazon box and Our H96 Android octacore box will be faster and perform better than the Amazon Fire tv Cube. 

Jailbroken Amazon fire tv box

Jailbroken Amazon fire tv box is a tried and true device, but it is no longer available for sale because of the new Amazon fire tv unit release, which is meant to replace it. Personally i believe the Amazon fire tv box is the best Amazon fire tv unit ever released. Even though it is older, it has a faster processor, superior hardware in my opinion, and an ethernet port built in, so there is no need to buy it separately. 

Jailbroken Android Tv box Octacore Kodi rooted

Rooted Octacore Android Tv Box- After extensive research and communication with our chinese manufacturing team, we were able to have a customized h96 Pro Plus unit created that is most suitable for Kodi. This unit is rooted so the android operating system will not update without your permission, which is a huge problem with all other android units on the market. When the android firmware updates, it erases anything that was installed on the device. It's as if a factory reset was done on the device. One benefit of our unit is that you will not have that problem arise. Also we have our manufacturer install the latest and best hardware available on the market. Other sellers may have the same shell, but internally our unit is completely unique. 

Jailbroken android tv box vs. Amazon fire tv

Video Resolution

Whether the Amazon unit is 4k capable, or only 1080p capable, you have to keep in mind that most of the content available through kodi addons, android programs and apps, or even amazon prime and Netflix are not 4k quality. Most content is 1080p or lower because higher quality is much more demanding of your internet service and bandwidth. 


 As a general rule, the better your hardware is on your unit, the less buffering issues you will experience. But this is only true when your hardware is the bottleneck in the equation. Other ways to improve buffering is to move your unit to a location in your home where wifi reception is stronger (usually closer to your router the better), also if you can hardwire your unit to your modem or router via ethernet cable, you will get the best performance that way. Clearing your cache regularly is also important, our troubleshoot page explains buffering in more detail. 

Amazon Prime

If you have an Amazon prime membership, we recommend investing in an amazon fire tv unit over a Jailbroken Android Tv Box, simply because you should take full advantage of your Prime membership and the Alexa voice control features. Of course, you don't need an Amazon Prime membership to use any Amazon fire tv unit, it works with a Free Amazon account, and there is extensive content available without having an Amazon prime membership. So having a prime membership is a matter of preference, but we recommend our customers to invest in an Amazon prime membership simply because it's great value for your money. Our affiliate link to sign up for a free 30 day trial is below.

Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial


Ethernet Adapter for Amazon fire tv and Amazon fire tv stick- Having your Amazon fire tv, or Android tv box connected to the internet via an ethernet cable, is ALWAYS is a good idea. Amazon and android tv boxes will always run better on an ethernet connection because it gets a strong internet connection, and there is no issue of wifi reception degradation. Therefore if you own an amazon fire tv stick, or plan on buying the New amazon fire tv, and are able to connect it to your modem or router via a direct ethernet connection, we highly recommend it. That being said, if you're looking to buy this adapter and the new amazon fire tv, it's essentially the same thing as buying the Amazon fire tv box. 


As we do more testing of the new Amazon fire tv device, we will add to this blog post. Please feel free to comment below. We would love to hear your thoughts. 


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  • jim

    I took techlife advice and bought a Amazon TV box and later a Android H94 pro and wired them with ethernet
    and never had buffering problem unless I needed to empty the KODI cache & I dumped thumbnails also with no problems at all !
    I am very happy he reprograms his devices reasonable priced !
    Awesome to find Techlife.tv for my streaming , I was a newbie at this so I read a lot of reviews !

  • Techlifesupport

    @quinton- You need one for each tv.

  • Quinton T Cook

    Since this box has wifi and bluetooth can I hardwire it on one tv and get it wifi on a smart tv in another room or do you have to but a box for each tv

  • Techlifetvsupport

    @William S Creager- Our hardware is superior. THere are different kinds of H96 octacore units, ours have 3gb of ram and 32 gb of storage, and it’s been customized to work perfectly with android apks and kodi.

  • William S Creager

    I find that there are a number of H96 Pro units available on the Internet. They do vary in price. What specifically is different in your H96 Pro that is exclusive of of your units and not found in other units on the market?

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