Best Vpn For Kodi on Jailbroken Amazon fire tv or Octacore Android tv box

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Best Vpn For Kodi on Jailbroken Amazon fire tv or Octacore Android tv box

All Vpn details are below, but the quick summary is this. Ipvanish is the best and most convenient Vpn for Kodi on Amazon fire tv box, Amazon Firesticks, and Android octacore tv boxes. Best price for Ipvanish can be found HERE


We created detailed directions on how to set up Ipvanish on your Amazon fire tv Box or Android Tv box. Directions below apply to both, only difference is that you download Ipvanish from Google play store in Android tv boxes, and from Amazon's app store for Amazon fire tv units.

Ipvanish Vpn Highlights

-Worlds fastest Vpn

-Ipvanish vpn is available as an app on the amazon app store and google play store for easy installation.

-Unlimited Bandwidth

-Zero Traffic Logs

-Unlimited p2p traffic

-SOCKS5 web proxy

-Anonymous torrenting

-OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP/IPsec VPN protocols

-unlimited server switching

-5 simultaneous connections at a time

-24/7 support through IPVANISH Website

-7 day money back gaurantee


 Directions to setup Ipvanish on Kodi. 


Do i need a Vpn for Kodi?

A VPN is recommended for privacy in general but not necessary on our Jailbroken Amazon Fire tv Boxes, Amazon fire sticks, or Octacore rooted Android tv boxes. We don't install any programs that use the P2P Network. 


What is P2P?

Peer to Peer Network or P2P means that you essentially connect to another user to access or share downloaded information. Our units don't download anything, the programs and add-ons we install stream only. There is no downloading or Pseudo-downloading, which keeps our devices on the legal side. Torrents for example use P2P Networking, along with some other programs you will see on our competitor's websites, but never on ours. Some of these P2P programs work well but we don't install them because we don't want our customers getting letters from their isp providers (i.e Comcast, At&T) to stop misusing their internet service. ISP Providers monitor P2P networks, but not general streaming. Using the Techlifetv Kodi build, is the same as streaming something on Youtube, as far as ISP's are concerned. 


Why Ipvanish for Kodi?

Ipvanish recently won T3 award for best Vpn of 2017. It is a top tier Vpn service provider, its been in the business of providing vpn service for several years. Ipvanish provides its customers with the best VPN Speeds, Most secure connections at a very affordable price. Ipvanish has a network that spans 40,000+ Ip's on 850+ servers in 60+ countries. So you can have an ip address from a long list of countries at very fast speeds when you use ipvanish's vpn service.  

We've done extensive research in determining which VPN works best for kodi. In our research and making this VPN determination, we considered pricing plans for VPN, VPN compatibility with Kodi, VPN Privacy policy, VPN Bandwidth speed and limitations, and many other factors as they relate to VPNs.

After our research, we concluded IPVANISH is the best option if you want a VPN on your Amazon fire tv Box, Amazon fire tv Stick, or Android tv box that is running Kodi. Makes no difference if the unit was purchased from us or not, IPVANISH is super easy VPN to use, and is designed specifically to work with Kodi. They also have an amazing technical support team that help you get setup your VPN with Kodi.



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  • Jeremy S.

    THank for such a thorough analysis on the whole VPN on Kodi issue. I’ve always been curious if i should put a vpn on my Jailbroken Amazon fire tv box, but i was never sure how to do it. The whole idea of getting a VPN, figuring out what VPN is best for an Amazon fire tv unit, and What the difference between the VPN’s are, has always beeing extremely frustrating for me. So i just wanted to show my gratitude to you for going through all the VPN research on your customer’s behalf. Keep up the good work Techlifetv.

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