Access Kodi from your Amazon Fire Tv Home page screen

Kodi on Amazon home page -

Access Kodi from your Amazon Fire Tv Home page screen

Move Kodi to Amazon fire tv Home page


A commonly asked question here at by customers is how do i move kodi to the main amazon fire tv home page so i can easily access it instead of having to go to settings-applications-manage installed Applications-Kodi- Launch.

Simplest directions to move kodi to Amazon's Main home screen is as follows.

  • When you are on amazon's home page, find the tab that says "your apps and games" and scroll all the way to the right and click on "see all"
    • Alternatively you can press and hold down the home button on your fire tv remote and click "APPS"
  • Either option would take you to a list of apps that are downloaded on your amazon fire tv unit
  • Scroll to where you see Kodi, press the menu button (button with 3 lines) while over kodi, and choose the option that says "Move to front"
  • Now back out to the main amazon fire home screen page, and kodi will be there

The video below shows exactly how to accomplish that on your amazon fire tv unit. On  our Android octacore tv boxes, this is not a problem because Kodi and other programs are already located on the main screen.



Directions didn't work?

If the Amazon account you used to register your Fire TV does not have a billing address and credit card associated with it, apps will not appear on the Home screen or in the Apps section.

Sometimes the directions above to put kodi on Amazon fire tv home page don't work. It’s unclear what causes this to happen, but the most common fix in our experience has been to

Go to Amazon settings, scroll over and click on My Account, click sync content, and then try the directions above again. 

If that doesn’t work, go back to My account, click on your name, click Deregister, and then Register with a different account. You can make another free account on all you need is an email. That’s the easiest and only fix for this issue that we are aware of. 


  • Deb

    I bought the Kodi from you about a year or so ago and I love it. I keep getting a message that there’s a new update for it. Is it easy to update it or do I need to send it back? It actually works fine just the way it is but I’m wondering if if an update would be worth it Or if it’s necessary
  • Techlifetv

    @Herbert Rhodes- You have to follow all the directions. If the initial directions to get Kodi on the Jailbroken Amazon fire tv’s Home screen didn’t work. Deregister your Amazon account, and log in with a different Amazon account, and try the directions again. This has worked for countless customers, and the only fix we’re aware of. You can make another Amazon account by going to, its free, all you need is an email address.

    @Mike- I’m not sure what you mean. Message me through our contact page, and we’ll figure out what the issue is. For the most part however, the directions above cover everything about how to get kodi on a Jailbroken AMazon fire tv’s Home screen.

  • Herbert Rhodes

    I also cant get kodi to main screen, I did what video said above. kodi doesn’t show up on all apps and games. So, what now? I am following you instructions to the letter even the “Directions didn’t work” you added. Only exception is that i have an actual Amazon Account, so I did not deregister. Why doesn’t this work?

  • Mike

    My Kodi app icon doesn’t even show up on my main screen of apps so how can I get it to appear on main screen without going to settings…..

  • Techlifetv

    A couple other people had a similar issue, we added the fix above just now.

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